Special exhibition

powerless – powerfull

For us it is a matter of course to have enough electricity available at all times and everywhere. However, the “hunger for electricity” will increase significantly in the next few years, especially due to the switch to e-mobility.

The great electricity needs of the future will be difficult to meet with renewable sustainable energy. In addition, we make our lives more and more dependent on electricity.

How would our modern life be without electricity? Would we be transported back to the Middle Ages or are there also modern aids to cope without electricity?

The new special exhibition “powerless – powerfull” shows how today’s life could be designed without electricity. There are many ingenious “currentless” aids that were invented 100 years ago and more and could enable modern life without electricity. Reducing electricity consumption through the use of “currentless” aids would also make a good contribution to climate protection, since reducing energy consumption is the most effective way.

The special exhibition can be visited from 1 March to 23 December 2020 by appointment.

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